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If you want instant protection for your computer, Deskman Network helps you block any dangerous elements with different levels of security. With its many functions, you can be sure at all times that your information and privacy are safe.

The main defenses of this program focus on blocking applications, restricting access to your computer by third parties, and filtering malicious websites that can compromise the health of your operating system. These functions are divided into four tabs to make things even easier to set up:

- Desktop. This section lets you hide icons on the desktop to prevent accidental erasure, as well as disable Start menu items, hide the taskbar, or disable system keys, function keys, and mouse buttons.

- System. Here you can restrict access to the Control Panel, disable USB drives, block access to Windows Explorer, manage tasks, and prevent access to certain drives, so you can isolate access to any part of your system from third parties.

- Applications. In this section, you can add all the folders and processes you want to run. If you don't know which ones you need to make your computer run properly, click the Get Processes button, and a list of everything that is currently running will be displayed. From that list, you can mark anything you don't want to reactivate on your computer.

- Web. This last tab helps you block all those malicious sites that can cause harm to your system. Use it to avoid ads or keep your children from accessing inappropriate content.

With all these options, you can configure your system as you like, checking and unchecking the boxes to best suit your needs and protect your system without jumping through too many hoops to set it up.

A 30-day trial version.

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